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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Day 99

Upcoming Dates & Events

Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day Spirit- wear red, pink and white
Thursday, February 15 – SJA/TMA Oral Presentation Day
Friday, February 16 – PD Day – No School
Monday, February 19 – Family Day – No School
Tuesday, February 20 – Jump Rope For Heart event and pledges are due (our SJA goal is $1000.00)
Thursday, February 22- Science Centre trip
Thursday, February 22 – Anti-bullying Day
Friday, February 23 – March hot lunch orders due
Tuesday, February 27 – Bake Sale (our class hosting this months bake sale)
Wednesday, February 28 – Bake Sale and Casual Day
Friday, March 9 – March hot lunch payments due

Today we celebrated the 100th day of school!!

Pancake Tuesday and House Games!!

Calendar- the special helpers put up the date, counts down to 100 days of school, and tells us what the weather is like today.
Agenda Read 15 minutes, review spelling test Thursday, Valentine's Day tomorrow (dress in red, pink, white), no school Friday and Monday
UOI with language focus- Today students filled in nouns to complete sentences relating to the number 100.

Math- Students tallied to 100, counted by 2's and 5's to 100 and determined if it is even or odd and wrote the number word.

UOI- Students presented their cleaning inventions to the class.

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