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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 26

Winter uniform is in affect. Please make sure that students have all the pieces – grey pants/skirt, navy blue socks/tights, black dress shoes, button-up white shirt, navy blue sweater/sweater vest
Upcoming Dates & Events
Monday, October 16 – Summative presentations
Thursday, October 26 – Picture day

Friday, October 27- Trip to the ROM

STAR STUDENT OF THE WEEK IS....................

Someone will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy.

Assembly for 'Inquirer' awards. Congratulations to Leah and Ariana!

Calendar- the special helpers put up the date, counts down to 100 days of school, and tells us what the weather is like today.

Agenda Raz-kids, get spelling test signed, summative presentations Monday, cursive book pages 44-48, DRA graphs sent home today



UOI with language focus- Today students had their weekly spelling test. We also reviewed what is needed to write a list (date, title, numbers)
Math- We went over addition and subtraction stories. Students created their own addition and subtraction stories and read them to the class. 

Unit of Inquiry- Today students had some time to work on their summative. We went outside and students determined what went well and what they could change or add over the weekend. 

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